Teacher's Day 2017

Tuesday, May 9

Teachers are also celebrated around the world on

World Teachers' Day October 5, 2017
Thank your teacher this Teachers' Day!
Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-13, 2017
Upcoming World Teacher Days

Teachers' Day Posters

Teachers' Day Poster

Hooray! It's Teachers' Day! [black and white]

Hooray! It's Teachers' Day! [color]

T,E,A,C,H,E,R Poster [black and white]

T,E,A,C,H,E,R Poster [black and white]

T,E,A,C,H,E,R Poster Blank Fill-in [black and white]

Never Fear... A Teacher's Here! [Poster]

Teachers' Day Decorations

Printable Banner [black and white]. Looks great in the classroom or anywhere at school. Surprise teachers!

Printable Banner [color]

#1 Teacher Crown

Decorate the Classroom

Surprise Teacher with this on the Bulletin Board [black and white]

Surprise Teacher with this on the Bulletin Board [color]

Write and Wear

Gifts for Teachers

Teachers' Day Bangles - Color, cut, and glue. Then adorn your teachers.

Certificates kids can use for their teacher.

Write something to your teacher. Few pages of nice borders to use!

Best Teacher Voting Slips

Teachers' Day No Prep Resources

Teacher Appreciation Day Glyph

Teacher Fill-In then Draw a Wacky Teacher

Fun Fill-in

Student - Teacher Swap [Writing]

Teachers' Day Cards

Teachers' Day Cards

Creative Card

A Special Day to Celebrate Teachers - Teachers' Day
When people remember individuals who have helped them, teachers are often at the top of the list.  Teachers shine a light ahead to places that students can't yet see: a place where students find their unique talents and use them.

Shall we try to count the ways teachers help students reach their potential?  A teacher doesn't just provide lessons and grade tests; a teacher is also a cheerleader, a psychologist, a crowd-control expert, a motivational speaker, a nutritionist, a literacy advocate, a nurse, and a recipient of shiny apples and the pure love of a grateful child.  Besides the usual note-passing, spitballs, or occasional tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole, teachers need to know how to handle the greater challenges that come with 21st-century living, like the use of social media, family crises, and explaining complex world events.  But most importantly, teachers give unwavering friendship and support to the students who pass through their classrooms.

Expressing gratitude can be simple. A warm word, a card, or just a shiny apple can show these dedicated teachers that you care.

Thank a teacher and the Teachers' Day campaign is supported in the United States by the NEA.
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